How to join our partner program?

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What do you gain by joining the partner program?

The financial dimension of the partner program

Firstly, participation in the program guarantees to the partner a commission of 25% to 35% for each prospectus ended with a sale. What is worth mentioning, noteworthy, the partner receives a commission for each client’s license renewal.


In the partner program we offer attractive discounts for the purchase of packages for their own usage to companies providing the services of an external Data Protection Officers. Please contact us for details.


Each partner has access to the demo version of the software in conjunction with a package of up to 5 training courses in software use. Equally important, after the general training, the partner has the opportunity to choose the topic that the training will cover. This can be, for example, the area of risk assessment, i.e. the creation of PIA, DPIA and LIA. In the event of a new version of the software, training courses are organized accordingly with the newest modifications and innovations.

You won’t miss anything


Participation in iGDPR Lab

Each partner has the opportunity to participate in the iGDPR Labs program. Having a real impact on the application development roadmap. Twice a year, we organize iGDPR Labs workshops. During this workshops we discuss the product development roadmap. Many ideas were reflected in subsequent versions of the GDPR program.

What else?

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the iGDPR system will enrich the range of services that you provide to your clients. The system in its assumption supports entities in the efficient management of the GDPR, however, some activities may require additional external expert support. It applies mainly to the situations when the System indicates user’s gaps in the documentation. An example is the Controller’s Legitimate Interest Assessment (LIA) test, which often requires professional assistance to perform.

How can I join the partner program?

All you need to do is contact us via the form, selecting the subject “partner program” and sending a message. The rest will go smoothly.

How to become our partner? Contact us and we will provide you with the details of the program.

A solution that helps external Data Protection Officers

I was looking for a solution to streamline my work, as mistakes in managing the GDPR may cost a lot. I decided to test the iGDPR System for 21 days because it does not cost anything. Already during my testing of the iGDPR System, I saw many benefits from using the iGDPR System.


External Data Protection Officer

Using iGDPR’s Enterprise Plan, I can serve any number of clients with one tool that meets high expectations.


External Data Protection Officer in multiple entities

Would you like to try it? Test now for 21 days free-of-charge. Learn about the modules and functionalities of the System.